The Future Of Cannabis Edibles

colorado edibles

colorado ediblesWith 33 states now having legalized medical cannabis use and 11 of those states also making recreational cannabis legal the sales of cannabis edibles have exploded. But with the sale of cannabis edibles going through the roof almost immediately, some states such Colorado almost instantly began seeing safety issues with Colorado edibles and sought to make changes to protect public safety for those choosing to enjoy cannabis infused edibles. Today, the regulations of Colorado edibles are paving the way for other states to make their edibles safer.

Requirements for Cannabis Infused Edibles in Colorado

Some of the regulations that were put in place for cannabis infused edibles in Colorado are:

  • Cannabis infused edibles cannot not be in candy shapes that will be tempting to children.
  • Potency information needs to prominent so consumers know exactly what they are getting.
  • Child proof packaging
  • Better testing of the amount of THC the edible contains

While many regulations that are passed tend to harm businesses, the Cannabis industry has actually embraced many of these guidelines and feel that they are good things. Responsible Cannabis edible companies having been changing their products in order to meet Colorado edible standards even before laws are passed in the state where they manufacture or sell these products because the regulations make good sense and as a whole the cannabis industry wants to protect the public while still offering them the cannabis they may need or want in a form that they enjoy.

Cannabis Gummies

colorado ediblesCannabis gummies are one of the cannabis infused edibles that are undergoing changes by most companies producing cannabis edibles. The reason for this is because from the beginning cannabis infused gummies were made with the same ingredients and in the same kid friendly candy shapes as the original gummy bears, worms and fruit shapes.

Since children are unable to tell the difference between the actual candy and the infused gummies it is only natural that companies are choosing to make their infused gummies in less childlike shapes.

Other companies are making other changes to their cannabis infused gummies and other products as well offering such things as sugar free or vegan options to appeal to more customers.

Other Cannabis Infused Edibles

colorado ediblesAlong with gummies there are a number of other cannabis infused edibles including baked goods, coffees, teas, powders, tinctures etc. and the amount of these types of edibles are growing and the companies making these products are dedicated to ensuing their products are safe for consumption.

The Future of Cannabis Infused Edibles

With cannabis edible companies making strides to ensure that their products are safe, tasty, and useful to adults the future for cannabis edibles looks incredibly bright. And as more states legalize both medical and recreational cannabis these companies will reap the benefits of a growing consumer base.

In addition, as more cannabis research is done there is likely to be more changes to the cannabis infused edibles both in terms of changes in current products and the manufacturing of new products.