The 10 Best Edibles in Colorado

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colorado ediblesColorado was the first to fire the shot in the weed and cannabis legalization revolution, sparking a domino effect around the nation that triggered many other states to follow suit. By setting the standard, Colorado also had to set the tone for the THC product market, and it was one of the first to dabble in consumables. The state took a wise approach to how it presented edibles from a legal, regulated perspective. No single dose edible can contain more than 10 mg of THC and most pieces will have a laser engraving indicating the THC content. The content for medical users of THC edibles is stronger but is typically limited to a package containing 100mgs, spread among 10 consumable units. Being the first to legalize, Colorado has been in the THC consumables game the longest, which has resulted in some interesting edible creations, so dispensaries all over the state are stocked with many types of items consistently dosed and tested in a lab setting for optimal results.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique and best Colorado edibles:

Wana Gummies
These customer favorites are a top-selling brand of Colorado edibles. It is not just their potency, but also their consistency, deliciousness, and that they are manufactured with a refined recipe to allow one to taste the treat more than the cannabis content. They are available with certain class-specific options (specifically indica and sativa) that allow for customer choice in their preferred level of psychoactive effects. Alongside the delicious gummies, Wana brands also include fruit lozenges (Wana Drops) that come available in multiple flavors including kiwi-strawberry, watermelon, and tangerine.

cbd ediblesCanyon Cultivation Infused Coffee
As many people as there are who enjoy THC, arguably more enjoy their coffee. Canyon Cultivation decided to pair the two, and as it turns out coffee and cannabis make a formidable duo. They are each other’s perfect complements, providing both an energy and a high when consumed. The delectable taste of coffee comes with minimalized jittery effects, balanced perfectly by the THC, allowing for the consumer to enjoy an original infused cold coffee blend made from Guatemalan beans. The beans are locally roasted and infused with 10mgs of THC.

Sweet Grass Kitchen
The Sweet Grass Kitchen, a small-batch Denver based brand is known as being masterful at providing grade level baked edible infused with a balanced dose of THC. The products are tested by multiple scientific labs and specialize particularly in chocolate chip cookies and brownie bites. Their products are made with full-flower cannabutter and are made without extracts or hash. The offerings are slow-simmered, triple stained, and can be found in over 100 Colorado-based dispensaries and stores, in both medicinal and recreational form.

Coda Truffles
Coda Truffles are works of art that are perfectly dosed with 10 mg of CO2 cannabis oil. The truffles are each handmade by a classically trained Chocolatier. A fine choice for anyone into aesthetically pleasant food, the truffles are filled with chocolate ganache, coated with the finest quality chocolate, and topped with tiny confectioner’s paint pieces. Consumers can choose from the 6-set collections including Forte, Crescendo, and Serenade (for a limited time). Each of these collections has its own unique flavor. These included juniper lemon, tiramisu, hazelnut, earl gray, burnt caramel, passion, as well as peanut butter and jelly. It is no wonder these signature chocolate products are on every consumable recommendation list. These CBD edibles came in first place at the High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup, a fact that should be a surprise to no one who has ever partaken.

 colorado ediblesLove’s Oven
Hope Frahm, a classically trained pastry chef who has worked for some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry, now runs a Denver-based bakery making high quality, high-end, locally sourced, organic edibles. Love’s Oven products are highly reputed as being delicious, as well as versatile, offering both savory and sweet product options. The best part is, their products are easy to find around Colorado, with more than 100 dispensaries across the state selling their brand. One of the hottest items touted amongst the choices comes suited for the frigid holiday season in the form of ginger snaps. These come in ten packs, which each cookie contains 10 mg of THC.

Cheeba Chews
Cheeba Chews was dubbed “America’s favorite edible,” and it is most certainly on the top of most people’s consumables lists in Colorado, the state where the product is made. This THC infused chocolate taffy is outstandingly delicious and very consistently potent. The potency is something to keep in mind when consuming. The taffy is so good that it’s easy to take way more bites than one can tolerate, so when consuming, remember to take it slow to enjoy its THC effect. Each chew is infused with 100 MG of THC, and is sold in both recreational and medicinal form in Colorado (as well as Nevada and California). Chocolate is not the only territory covered by the Cheeba brand, however. The hybrid caramel product (10 mg of THC per unit) comes in small packaging, akin to a pack of gum, which can travel in one’s pocket for consumption on the go. The pack of the three-stage tested product comes set with 8 units per container.

The environmentally and health-conscious company 1906 produces a line of chocolate products that focus on ethnobotanical ingredients and the superb cacao benefits. It is quite the thriving brand, sold in over 200 dispensaries in the state of Colorado. Their products range from nighttime consumables (Midnight dark milk chocolate) to relaxation edibles (Chill) and even GO coffee, all infused perfectly with minor but potent THC levels. Owner Peter Barsom realizes the wide reach of his business and wants to keep his products as efficient and natural as possible. One way to increase the quality and create a more doable format is to combine the concentrates into an oil base, which is then used to create the products from scratch. This means that if you are biting into a 10 mg THC chocolate bar, and you break it in half, you are truly getting 5 mg and not a random mix.

cbd ediblesStillwater Ripples
Stillwater’s Ripple dissolvables are a very innovative idea for CBD edibles consumption. It is a way to turn most foods into THC consumables. The Ripples come in small packets, similar to those for iced tea or lemonade powdered mixings. The difference is that they are odorless, flavorless, calorie-free, and precisely portioned packs of THC and CBD. The advantage of this product is that it can be put on anything and into anything. The best part is, because of its unique nature it can go on anything from water bottles to soups to tacos and really anything you feel like turning into your own version of a THC consumable food.

Dixie Elixirs, Mints, Gummies, Chocolate, & Drinks
Dixie’s chocolate bars are made with 70% dark chocolate, peppermint oil, and pesticide-free cannabis. These are part of Dixie’s medical edibles line, so they hold a higher than usual 500 mg of THC content (with about 42 mg per piece), so it is not a product to rush through eating to truly savor the effects. Dixie’s Tropic Twist Gummies deliver 10mg per unit of THC for high tolerance users. For those seeking a moderate high, the Dixie Synergy Mints are a great option for a more mellow effect. Every mint is an even 50% THC and CBD, with 5mg per unit, available in sweet, berry, and strawberry flavors with 16 units per pack.The Dixie brand even dabbles in drinks with some of the finest tasting, most consistently dosed liquid consumables available. They are offered in many different flavors, and can even be used for cooking.

Bhang Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar
As the winner of the 2015 Cannabis Cup for Edibles, the Bhang (a Hindi word for an edible form of cannabis used in India for centuries) brand are proficient in delivering consumable products made with fairly traded Venezuelan criollo cacao, Their Cherries and Cream chocolate bar combines the cacao with gourmet cherries for an irresistible and sufficiently potent snack. This bar is loaded with 180 mg of THC.