Products to Hide Your CBD

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poison ring

poison ringJust because recreational CBD is being legalized in more and more states doesn’t mean that your stash should be left out in the open.

Particularly when on the move, you want to make sure that your cannabis is away from prying eyes and noses. Fortunately, there are several products that can help you achieve exactly that. Following are some of those products:


A highlighter is a good option, particularly for students or office drones. Simply use a knife to open the highlighter. Then use tweezers or paper towel to remove the ink-soaked insert, clean it out, and that’s it. You have got a perfectly inconspicuous and sealed CBD stash jar for on the go.

Coffee Travel Cup
Hiding your CBD stash in a beverage or food lookalike product can be risky. However, there are certain coffee travel cups that can offer a safe diversion. Just make sure to use a very basic travel cup so that it doesn’t draw suspicion. You can also use the cup to fill with real coffee. This way it can serve you both ways i.e. normal coffee cup and secret compartment for weed stash.

Medicine Container
Some dispensaries sell CBD edibles as well as other cannabis items in a medicine container. These containers are airtight and they are similar to the ones that contain pills. If you want to hide your CBD on the go, then these medicine containers are a simple and affordable option. You won’t have to worry about the smell of your stash getting out or accidently showing the cannabis as they are not easy to open.

poison ringPoison Ring
Items like the poison ring were commonly used in the past to conceal poison by the assassins. Nowadays, they are primarily used for their unique beauty. However, their secret compartment can still prove to be very useful as you can store a minimal amount of CBD in it. Once the poison ring is on your finger, no one will suspect a thing.

Repurposed Soda Can
You can also use a can of soda as a secret compartment for hiding your stash in plain sight. Soda cans come in variety of different sizes and forms. They are one of the most common items seen in public so you can be sure that no one will think twice about it if you are holding one in your hand. This means you can simply stash your weed inside and forget about it.

poison ringTool Diversions
If you are known for carrying around a toolbox, then you can use it to your advantage. Anything from a screwdriver to a screw can get fitted to become a CBD stash can. As long as you keep your stash tucked away with your other tools, it will be hidden and protected.

While it’s not ideal to have to travel with your cannabis, it is sometimes necessary. If you find yourself in this situation, the above-listed suggestions will help you have your CBD stash and peace of mind with you.